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  The Requiem Mix  
  MASHUP I guess all things must come to an end. Sooner or later. The time has come to pull the plug for what has been my music alter ego for over thirteen years. This musical journey have taken me further than I ever could’ve imagined and I’ve made new friends along the way. It’s been one hell of a ride. The last years haven’t been very productive to be honest so in an effort to go out in style rather than just fade away I will give you one final mashup mixtape, 'The Requiem Mix’. Ten new mashups. OK, yeah, so a few of them aren’t new but I couldn’t just make one final mixtape without them. They are re-visited and re-edited though :-). Expect to hear the hits of the 80’s together with the stars of today. Thanks for all the love through the years, it’s been really appreciated. Onwards and upwards, yeah?

MP3: The Requiem Mix
REMIX Adele and her 'Hello' gets a makeover with a sample from 'Boys of Summer' by Don Henley.

MP3: Hello
Rhythm Is a Dancer
REMIX Oh no, another remix of Rhythm is a Dancer. Oh yes :-)

MP3: Rhythm is a Dancer
Hard Time
REMIX Seinabo Sey, the swedish soul pop singer, and her second single 'Hard Time' now in a Divide & Kreate remix.

MP3: Hard Time (Divide & Kreate remix)
Do the Beards Again
MASHUP A little quick and dirty mashup with Robyn and Mstrkrft.

MP3: Do the Beards Again
Latching the Young
MASHUP Disclosure with sam smith clashes with Seinabo Sey. Latch vs Younger. With a bit of D&K flavour.

MP3: Latching the Young
Food for the Beast
REMIX The Cardigans lead singer is back with a new solo album 'Animal Heart'. I've taken the liberty to wreck one of her songs, 'Food for the Beast'.

MP3: Food for the Beast (Divide & Kreate remix)
Keep on rockin'...
REMIX Neil Young's clssic track "keep on rockin' in the free world" gets a little makeover.

MP3: Keep on rockin in the free world (Divide & Kreate remix)
Love me again
REMIX Jown Newman. What a voice. And speaking that, here's a remix of his song 'Love me again'.

MP3: Love me again (Divide & Kreate remix)
Flying Safely
MASHUP Tom Petty is learning to fly with the safe and sound guys in Capital Cities.

MP3: Flying Safely
Get Lucky
REMIX Yes you've surely heard that Daft Punk track one too many times before. And yes you're gonna hear it once more...

MP3: Get Lucky (Divide & Kreate remix)
Unconditionally disarmed
MASHUP A bit of Smashing Pumpkins, a bit of Katy Perry and lastly a bit of dubstep wobbles...

MP3: Unconditionally disarmed
Losing you
REMIX Solange 'Losing you' is one of the coolest track I've heard this year and forgive me for making catchy pop rock of it :-)

MP3: Losing You (Divide & Kreate remix)
Hard as Pop
MASHUP I don't care - I love it. The agressive and catchy pop gem from Icona Pop backed by some classic rock riffs from AC/DC and their 'Hard as a Rock'. Get ready to rock :-)

MP3: Hard as Pop
Losing my religion
REMIX Inspired by my good friend Copycats remix of Alicia Keys 'Brand new me' here's a brand new 'Losing my religion'. A brand new remix of REM by yours truly!

MP3: Losing my religion (Divide & Kreate remix)
Crash of 69
MASHUP Are you ready for a Bryan Adams singing in a furious tempo about that summer of 69 to the beats of the Primitives and their classic track 'Crash'? Well... what are ya waiting for...

MP3: Crash of 69
Died in your arms
REMIX I guess you've heard Cutting Crew 'Died in your arms' quite a few times before but have you heard it in a Divide & Kreate version? Well, what are you waiting for...

MP3: Died in your arms (Divide & Kreate remix)
Edge of Crazy
MASHUP One track from the early 80's and one from the early 90's. The classic guitar riff from 'Edge of Seventeen' together with the deeply melodic and soulful voice of Seal from his 'Crazy'. What you get is a new track called Edge of Crazy.

MP3: Edge of Crazy
Midnight Diamonds
MASHUP When hearing Rihannas 'Diamonds' I thought, hey, this sounds familiar. Midnight City by M83 is in the same key, same chords and nearly the same tempo... so there you go Rihanna vs M83.

MP3: Midnight Diamonds
Perfect World
REMIX I don't know but there's something about the new Gossip single "Perfect World" that makes me think of the eightes. So here my take on "Perfect World" :-)

MP3: Perfect World (Divide & Kreate remix)
Save the Streets
MASHUP Swedish House Mafia 'Save the World' versus U2 'Where the streets have no name'. Crank up the volume and enjoy :-)

MP3: Save the Streets
Pink dressed man
MASHUP One of the first mashups I made. One of the best too. Pink 'Get this party started' vs ZZ Top 'Sharp dressed man'. Enjoy...

MP3: Pink dressed man
Crazy in the Deep
MASHUP Talented Adele and her 'Rolling in the deep' meets Gnarls Barkley and their 'Crazy' tune.

MP3: Crazy in the Deep
Always with you
MASHUP Willie Nelson sings his beautiful 'Always on my mind' while U2 play their 'With or without you'. There's also a bit of Thåström and MARRS in there...

MP3: Always with you
REMIX Erik Hassle in a Pet Shop Boys-wannabee stylee

MP3: Hurtful (Divide & Kreate remix)
Dancing in Houston
MASHUP Whitney Houston sings her 'How will I know' accompanied by the beats from Robyn's 'Dancing on my own'. R&B-pop meets electro. 1985 meets 2010.

MP3: Dancing in Houston
Amazing Sympathy
MASHUP It's a bit of a Kamikaze mission to take on a classic like Massive Attacks 'Unfinished sympathy'. Anyhow I'll take my chances... so here it is mashed with Bruno Mars 'Just the way you are'.

Link: Amazing Sympathy
Kissie Minogue
MASHUP Kylie Minogue vs Kiss. Can't get you out of my head vs I was made for loving you. Disco vs Rock. Enjoy...

MP3: Kissie Minogue
Tarzan Gurls
MASHUP Do you rememer a one hit wonder by the group Baltimora called 'Tarzan Boy'? But I guess you've all heard Katy Perry's 'California Gurls'.

MP3: Tarzan Gurls
REMIX So... perhaps I've listened a bit too much to Robyn's 'Dancing on my own'. Anyway here's my remix of Veronica Maggio's 'Måndagsbarn'

MP3: Måndagsbarn (Divide & Kreate remix)
Sex Diary
MASHUP Rock meets Synth. Kings of Leon meets Yazoo. Sex on fire meets Nobody's Diary. The end result? ...is a little track called 'Sex Diary'

MP3: Sex Diary
Forever Denser
MASHUP Two brilliant tracks, Alphaville 'Forever Young' and The Killers 'Human', totally violated...

MP3: Forever Denser
Monkey Halo
MASHUP Foo Fighters team up with Beyonce. 'Monkey Wrench' vs 'Halo'

MP3: Monkey Halo
MASHUP Bloc Party 'Flux' vs Stereophonics 'Dakota'

MP3: Stereophlux
MASHUP Jordin Sparks 'Tattoo' vs The Caesars 'Sort it out'

MP3: Tattoed
Livin' la vida
MASHUP Get ready to experience Bon Jovi 'Linin' on a prayer' in a Coldplay stylee with their 'Viva la vida'

MP3: Livin' la vida
Celebrity Skin
REMIX Well, Courtney's people asked me to do something with one of her songs, so here you go...

MP3: Celebrity Skin (Divide & Kreate remix)
Dance Dreams
MASHUP Lady Gaga 'Just dance' vs Eurythmics 'Sweet dreams'

MP3: Dance Dreams
Party Kisser
MASHUP Kate Perry 'I kissed a girl' vs Bloc Party 'Banquet'

MP3: Party Kisser
Smells Like Teen Spirit
REMIX One of the classic rock tracks of all time gets violated...

MP3: Smells like teen spirit (Divide & Kreate remix)
REMIX Finger Elevens 'Paralyzer' in a electro rock style.

MP3: Paralyzer (Divide & Kreate remix)
Every Bleeding Breath
MASHUP Oh, not another one of those bleeding love mashes. Oh yes ;-). Leona Lewis gets the Police makeover treatment.

MP3: Every Bleeding Breath
Phantom Part III
MASHUP The classic Clash track 'Should I stay or should I go' goes electro with a little help from Justice 'Phantom Part II'

MP3: Phantom Part III







The Crush Mix
  MIXTAPE As aired on the McSleazy show on XFM Scotland. It's a rather straightforward, fairly uptempo and mainstreamish general disaster of some mashup stuff.

MP3: The Crush Mix

01. ZZ Top 'Sharp dressed man' / Pink 'Get this party started'

02. Franz Ferdinand 'Jacqueline' / Eurythmics 'Sweet Dreams' / Faithless 'Insomnia'

03. Bloc Party 'Helicopter' / Rihanna 'Unfaithful'

04. Eagles 'Hotel California' / Genesis 'I can't dance' / Basement Jaxx 'Where's your head at?'

05. Smashing Pumpkins 'Mayonaise' / Madonna 'Ray of light'

06. U2 'With or without you / Willie Nelson 'Always on my mind' / MARRS 'Pump up the volume'

07. The Stooges 'I wanna be your dog' / Christina Aguilera 'Ain't no other man'

08. Veruca Salt 'Seether' / Yazoo 'Don't go'

09. Motörhead 'Ace of spades' / The KLF '3 AM Eternal'
The Zebra Mix

MIXTAPE As aired on the Zebramix on Oui FM (France). It's a mainstreamish mashup mix of rock and pop songs.

MP3: The Zebra Mix

01. Van Halen 'Jump' / The Four Tops 'The Same Old Song'

02. Iggy Pop 'The Passenger' / Supremes 'Stop! In the Name of Love'

03. Together 'Hardcore Uproar' / The Gossip 'Standing in the Way of Control'

04. AC/DC 'Hells Bells' / Justin Timberlake 'Sexy Back'

05. Alex Gopher 'Brain leech' / Elton John 'Your Song'

06. Journey 'Don't stop believing' / Genesis 'Invisible Touch'

07. Graham Coxon 'Freakin out' / Diana Ross 'I'm coming out' / Gorillaz 'Clint Eastwood'

08. Guns'n'Roses 'Paradise City' / Jackson 5 'ABC'

09. Europe 'Final Countdown' / Elton John 'Rocket Man'

The Zebra Mix II

MIXTAPE As aired on the Zebramix on Virgin Radio (France). It's a mainstreamish mix of remixed rock and pop songs

MP3: The Zebra Mix II

All tracks are remixed by Divide & Kreate. Tracklist as follows:

01. Nirvana 'Smells like teen spirit'

02. Britney 'Break the ice'

03. Finger 11 'Paralyzer'

04. Nelly Furtado 'Say it right'

05. Rihanna 'Umbrella'

06. Yazoo 'Don't go'

07. Madonna '4 minutes'

  I am Divide & Kreate. I make some kind of noise. Some might call it music. I call it ruining your favourite tune.

I've busied myself with remixes and mashups for some years now. I think I'm kind of good at it too... but that might just be my ego talking ;-)

Anyway, without further ado, on this site I present to you my endeavours in trying to make some kind of music.
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